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[For Nadeko:]

[Chizuko's desperately searching for her housemate, hoping she won't find a slashed and mutilated ruin, courtesy of the drone Homura.]


[Nadeko will have someone to look after her, Japan and Taiwan are drones, and Homura is hopefully still safely tied up in the basement. There are no more possible excuses she can make for herself.

Time to face the music. Time to drink the milk.

Chizuko holds the bottle up. Her hands shake as she pops the top open, making the milk spill up over the top to splash on her hands.

Look, listen, and think for yourself and there's always a way out. That's been her mantra up until now. But she's realized there isn't a way out this time, except to offer the reverse of the old Gladiator's prayer: We who are about to die, curse you. She holds it up to her mouth and it passes the threshold of her lips and teeth. It tastes like ordinary milk on the way down, creamy and pleasant.

When it hits her stomach, the familiar feeling is literally sickening. She remembers pushing bowls of soup away, so they splattered all over the table cloth. She remembers the sharp, almond-like taste of the poison her aunt put in her food. That same sensation roils around her stomach, which suddenly clenches. Vomit now splatters the immaculate carpet. But none of it's white...]

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Is anyone here familiar with judo, jujutsu or similar martial arts?

[Action: Library, Park and 1245 Williams]

[The only book on martial arts the library would let her check out is a book on women's self defense. Chizuko can be found in any of those three locations perusing it. It's...well just look at it.]

Is keeping your purse on your arm a necessary part of all this?
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Greetings fellow captives. For those of you who haven't met me, I am Twenty Faces. I am a thief, responsible for heists at the Department Store, Hardware Store, and the entirety of the mayor's statue.

Ahhh, Mayfield. First you attempt to take away our memories, then you attempt to make us confess them. Each time I have evaded you. The solutions to both were fairly simple.

I'm concerned for you, authorities of Mayfield. I think you might be running out of ideas. It's as if you're not even putting any effort into them any more.

Perhaps you will pay more attention if I and my comrades steal something truly worth it. Oh but which? The mayor's office? The police station? So many secrets must hide in those places.

Which do you think, captives of Mayfield? If you know of a place needing a little of the justice of the second oldest profession, do tell me.
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For those of you who are unaware, a communist is someone who believes in the economic system advocated by Karl Marx, where the means of production, that is the factorys, tools, etcetera, are owned by the workers who produce them. I am not a communist myself but I am sympathetic to their ideals, though I do believe that many atrocities have been done in the name of communism, as they have been in the name of capitalism, democracy, fascism and every other political ideology.

With that out of the way, I am actua-[There is a clatter as Chizuko dives for a pillow. The next minute of what she says is muted by it.]


[Chizuko is out and about in town or at school. She's simply tied a small pillow over her mouth.]
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[Action: around town]

[Wherever she happens to be, Chizuko can suddenly feel pleasant sunshine creeping into the back of her mind. It's a swell violation, the gosh darn gee golliest greatest of robberies of the will. It pushes aside her normally sharp and incisive thoughts. She feels intoxicated by the scent of fresh cut grass, the boom of fireworks, the taste of hamburgers. The American dream has finally arrived for her.

It's a nightmare. She crouches, as if it were a real foe she could grapple with. She looks every which way with the rapid, fluttering paranoia of a mouse caught in the open. Breathing rapidly and fighting down waves of panic and contentment (two contradictory emotions united at long last), she backs up against a wall. She's terrified but not panicking, trying to find a source for it. Greet her and she might recognize her. Touch her, even by accident, and she'll probably throw you over her shoulder or lash out in some other way.]

[Action: 1245 Williams]

[Chizuko is busy with every spare scrap of paper in the house. She writes facts about herself on them with shaking hands. The writing comes out wobbly so even this ploy, which is supposed to be definitive, actually comes out unsure of itself.

When she's done, she tapes and glues them up in her room.

Some of them say:

-"My name is Chizuko Mikamo"

-"I am thirteen years old, born in the sixteenth year of Shouwa"

-"I am searching for the fourth state of water"

-"I am not a law abiding citizen of this or any other country."

-"I am the adopted daughter of the famous phantom thief, Twenty Faces."

-"I am Tome-san's legal ward."

-"Shunka once had a younger sister who drowned. I helped her put her guilt for this to rest."

-"My friends were killed by Tora and his gang. Every year I plant flowers at the spot in remembrance."

-"My aunt, Yoshie, tried to kill me many times for my inheritance."

-"The Anastasia ruby is important."

And it just goes on...]


Jun. 13th, 2011 05:59 am
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[In and around 1245 Williams Road, Chizuko can be found doing...pretty much nothing, which is unusual for her. She's not even reading, just moping about the house and yard, a sillent, sullen girl. Accompanying her is a great pyrenees who does her fluffy best to cheer her up. She whimpers, prods, licks and play-bows to no avail. Chizuko goes through the motions, desultorily feeding, petting and walking her, but her heart's not in it. Finally the dog buries her head in her paws too and contents herself with snuggling at Chizuko's feet as she lies back on the couch and stares at the ceiling.

At school she's barely any better. She's always been shy but now there's a sad quality to it too.]
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[Phone 1//Voice Filter//as "Twenty Faces"]

Those who gained by killing have now lost by it too. I and my comrades have burgled the houses of a number of the murderers of this town. I am keeping the valuables I took.

If anyone wishes to have some of these ill gotten, reappropriated goods be my guest. Simply leave a note under the third tree from the left from the statue in the park.

[Phone 2//normal voice]

[She sounds a little weary and overwhelmed.] Abel is gone. It appears to be permanent this time. Is anyone taking care of his dog?

[OOC: So Chizuko-as-Twenty-Faces has burgled the houses of some of those whose names showed up on the murderer list. Currently the characters burgled, as per earlier conversations, are Black Mage and Juri Han. Anyone else who got a kill in killfied and want to have been robbed, feel free to say you were! She'll go for whatever she thinks is most valuable to you personally (not necessarily what's shiniest) but if that's not apparent she'll just take the jewelry, money, car, etc.]


Jun. 3rd, 2011 04:52 am
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Someone close to me once took a gun out of my hands. He said "Don't. You will always see the faces of the people you've killed.".

[She sighs. Her voice is now very heavy and world weary for a thirteen year old.]

Those of you who participated in this, I hope you see the faces of the people you've hurt every time you close your eyes. I hope that in your dreams you feel what they felt.

[Filtered to Kallen and Crowe]

Crowe, I hope you're out there. Both of you, can you meet me tonight? We need to plan our next move.
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[Phone//Public//payphone//crude voice-disguise filter (walky talky, towel over receiver)//early morning]

This is Twenty Faces. I am quite disappointed in many of you. You uncritically accept the mayor's lies and kill at his command. These are not the actions of adults.

To those who gain from killing, I am watching you. Whatever you gain, I will take an equal amount from you. Remember, I am the man who stole the department store's jewelry section and the statue in the park from under the nose of Grady and his police. They will not be able to keep your valuables from me.

Three nights ago, I burned the department store. The supply of guns, however, seems to have been restored. I hope they explode in your faces.

[Action//various places]

[This event has upset Chizuko a lot. She can be seen burning off her anger in several ways:

A: Leafing through books in the library, trying to find a solution. She pages through tomes as if the key is hidden in some outdated encyclopedia

B: At Judo practice in Abel's backyard. Normally she is calm and collected, but aggression has started to seep into her movements. If you're her training partner, she may throw you a bit too hard without meaning to.

C: In the trees and on the rooftops. She carries binoculars with her and is searching for those who move with purpose and violence on their minds

D: Double and triple checking the booby traps at and around 1245 Williams Road.]
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I refuse. We are human beings, not animals to be culled.

If whomever has been assigned to kill me is listening: my name is Chizuko Mikamo. If you wish, I will be in the park tonight at midnight, unarmed and alone. Will you do the same? We should talk about this instead of blindly going along with the mayor's will.

[Action//Private to Nanashi]

[She arrives at the park at 11:30 and conceals herself in a tree, watching to see who comes. She kept her word, coming unarmed and alone. But if her hunter came with obvious weapons...]

[Phone//Private to Kallen and Crowe]

We need to take all the guns in the hardware store as soon as we can.
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[Action 1//Public]

[Following last night's heist, the statue of the mayor that formerly dominated the park is gone. On Main Street is where you will find it now. Or at least, parts of it. For you see, the head, feet and hands of the statue are sitting in the middle of the road, poking out of a statue sized very pretty dress.

Pinned to its ample bosom is a large paper: "I, the Thief With Twenty Faces, have made our mayor more beautiful."]

[Action 2//1245 Williams Road]

[Chizuko is so exhausted that she overslept until almost noon. She looks very peaceful and smiles in her sleep.]

[Action 3//Mayfield High]

[When she finally does make it to class, she's falling asleep in class too. And she's normally such a good student...]

[OOC: Lulu, feel free to say that the dress was Abel's handiwork if you want]
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This may seem a strange question...but does anyone have any livestock I can borrow? I'd like to see what happens if one can legitimately check the "Is your house a farm or ranch" option on the form...But I don't know how long I can hold out before I fill it out.
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I wanted to float it out through the sewers, but fairly disgusting investigation reveals that Mayfield uses a septic tank system. I can get it off its base and broken up into several pieces, but we still need a way to get it to the hiding place. Do you have any ideas?
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[In an out of the way corner of the park, Chizuko can be found putting a frame down at the base of a tree. Inside it is kanji that reads "Miyako Mikamo". Next to it she places a bowl of still steaming rice, with chopsticks embedded in it. She claps and bows to it, before kneeling. It's Mother's Day and she wants to say hi to her mother.]

You always loved sunlight and the outdoors. Even towards the end, you always wanted to be taken out. I thought this might be a good place...

[Unfortunately her feathered friends don't recognise the solemnity inherent in this and are gathering, eager to get at the delicious white grains. She sighs, gathers the things up and begins to head for home.]

[OOC: Find her before or after the pigeons try to eat her moms' rice]

[1245 Williams]

[She repeats the above procedure in the backyard there.]

Sorry about that. Maybe this will be better.
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[Using the same voice disguising techniques as last time, and late at night:]

Greetings Mayfield. This is the Man with Twenty Faces again.

The last heist was a success. I do hope that everyone who received jewelry enjoyed it very much. Perhaps you can give yours to someone special at the prom.

But I digress. My next target will be much larger. Before seven days have passed, I will steal the statue of the mayor that sits in the park. This is a symbol of the mayor's authority, an authority I intend to contribute to the destabilization of. With every person inspired by these acts, and every offer of aid I receive, that authority becomes more tenuous.

If there are requests for future heists, do let me know. I will consider them.


[Chizuko can be found feeding the birds several different kinds of birdseed in the park. She thoughtfully examines their eating habits, noting what kind of seed or flour they like best. They seem to have taken a shining to her, causing her to have to frantically dodge a few bird doots.]
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[Closed Action: The First Caper] )

[Action 2]

[If you're of an investigatory nature and decided to hang out around the department store, you might see an all black clad, small, masked figure fleeing with a knapsack of jewelry, the only sound the metal's clinking together. She has left no fingerprints, although if you're willing to spend hours shifting through the rubble you might be able to find a single brown hair]

[Action 3]

[The next morning, you might find a piece of fancy jewelry on your doorstep with a card reading: "An omiyage from The Man With Twenty Faces]

[Phone: Filtered to Kallen and Crowe, voice disguised in the same way as last time]

Are you alone and have you assessed the security of this line?

[OOC: Mods, if it's not OK for me to use Grady like this, let me know and i'll modify it so you can tag in with him instead]
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[It's nighttime, and Chizuko is calling from a payphone. She's scoped the joint out, making sure noone is nearby to observe her and is disguising her voice by speaking in a lower pitch than normal, speaking through a set of walky talkies and placing a towel over the receiver. The resulting voice is waspish and androgynous, not recognizable as belonging to anyone in the town.]

Greetings Mayfield. You are a sleepy town, given to repeating cycles of rebellion and acquiescence. Some of you rail against your circumstances and are driven to sociopathic acts by your confinement. Some of you knuckle under and go about your daily routines, because you feel too powerless to resist. But I am going to prove to you that, though it may not be possible to defeat the authorities of this town in a pitched battle, that does not mean you are helpless.

I am called 'the man with twenty faces'. And as an example of what can be done, before seven days have elapsed I will have stolen all jewelry on display at Mayfield Hardware and distributed it randomly around town. Station as many police as you like there, Grady. They will be of no use.
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